Teach me to be bi

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Toulouse

Ok. So. I'm a fairly sexually liberated guy in my late twenties, I've been out as gay for a long time and loving it. But the thing is - it turns out I'm bi. I'm into all kinds of genders and bodies. Especially if they're cumming. I've discovered a secret love for talking to other guys about how they make women cum. A beautiful cock, a beautiful hand, a beautiful tongue - if a guy can tell me how he makes women moan and shake, he's instantly stunning. I'm very experienced and confident with guys, but totally bashful with women. My fantasy is to meet a couple one day, and they can teach me everything I need to know. Just how to lick, touch, talk to, and fuck to make us all soaking wet and shaking and exhausted and smiling by the end of a long, long day together. Do you think I'll ever meet my teachers?