Tantra Massage 1, 2, 3

A Sexual Fantasy

— By TantraElsker

I was hoping to find tantra massage videoes but found none - so here is my suggestion to one which can actually be made in several ways so you have four versions around the same theme: a tantra massage. The masseur gives a very slow intimate touch from his hands, arms, body, cloth which he has laid over the body, etc. on the woman lying on a madras all the way from her head to her toes giving her head special attention - this is only the start. She then turns around and the masseur repeats the slow massage paying special attention for instance to her feet, her legs, thies & buttocks - without touching her Yoni (but getting very close) and all the way up her body to her neck and she turns again spending even more time on each part of her body and "finally" she turn around again and the masseur once again give her whole body special attention giving her for instance breast massage - not going for the nibbles but the whole breast and finally - if she agrees give her a Yoni massage - which is a whole chapter by itself. It is much easier to show you than write how all the sensual massage can be done. As I wrote this can also be made into other versions, like one where the woman moves to the touches she likes - but it still stays sensual without getting sexual and the last version I have in mind is a BDSM version where the woman is restrained with soft handcuffs so she cannot touch the Lingam but the masseur make sure she feels it - and uses it when he want to. For instance when she is lying on her stomach he may give her an extra Yoni-massage by locating himself so his legs are spread out below he, so Yoni and Lingam touches. This can be very playfull. So a lot more things can happen. I don't know how to convey all the information to you but if you need a more detailed description or need any assistance feel free to contact me.