A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tango

I am a tango dancer.

Most times, social tango is just a friendly embrace with a stranger. Other times it’s flirty and sexy. As a quite skilled and rather attractive male dancer in my 30s, I get to choose my pick but it’s sometimes surprising the people you come to feel attracted to.

There was this elegant, educated, graceful, charming widow some 20 years older than me. I love dancing with her for her developed tecnique and playfulness. She is also a rather attractive woman for her age, she jogs, practice different dances, yoga… She respects her body and takes some effort to feel comfortable in it. She is really attractive, a Woman with a capital W, but I always considered her a dance partner, not a potential sex partner.

I went back to my city after two years living abroad and went to dance for the first time to meet some old friends. She didn't expect me there and was quite surprised and pleased. We started dancing and from the beginning she was absolutely flirtuous. A leg hook longer that required, a “colgada” with more lean than needed, an embrace closer than expected… I started feeling aroused and attracted to this lady, I was being seduced. I could feel her legs around me, her breasts against my chest, her mouth by my ear… I started to react to her suggestive style asking for more contact, leading more daring steps. After a few dances, I just didn’t want to let her go.

I walked her back home and, at some point I just asked "can I kiss you?". -"Yes, please" she answered.

She invited me to have the last drink at her place and... what came next was one of the most memorable nights of my life. There is nothing as the mindfulness with which a true woman, who knows her place in the world, gives herself. The charming, elegant woman, became a lioness. Hours later, exhausted, she fell sleep with the most beautiful, satisfied smile, and I knew I could never again look at a mature woman without a question mark on my mind.