Taking all the risks, gaining all the rewards

A Sexual Fantasy

— By t.h.

It was summer. She was out with friends in New York City, drinking wine and dancing. He was home, watching baseball on the tube. They were in love but the crush period was over and they were comfortable being apart, enjoying their past times.

She came home the next morning with a confession...she had slept with a stranger. He was devastated but knew their love was still strong. She went for a walk to gather her thoughts, he called over his best friend. His best friend heard the whole story and it went like this...

She was dancing with her girlfriends when a tall dark stranger approached them. He had a sense of humor, liked to dance and was definitely confident. She thought it would be harmless fun to dance with him. He bought more wine, they danced until it was late. The moment they walked out of the bar they began to kiss. She wrapped her arms around him only to discover his throbbing erection. The night was hot and she was ready to get undressed. He lived down the street. She couldn't resist. They made love until the early hours. She sobered up. Felt good but regret soon sank in. She came home. She confessed...

As his best friend listened, he felt himself get aroused. The best friend offered helpful words of advice: "You both still love each other", "your both young, having fun...", and simply "It's going to be okay". He knew the best friend was right. The best friend soon excused himself, overwhelmed with the idea of his friends girlfriends one night tryst. A committed lover himself, he went home and promptly masturbated. His mind overwhelmed with the idea of fucking the girlfriend, the girlfriend fucking someone else, a stranger...taking all the risks, gaining all the rewards. It was all so hot. After the best friend came...his hands still shaking with excitement...he though once more about his friend and girlfriend and knew their love must last forever...or this would be wrong.