A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rob

I go to the gym 2-3 times every week to do a bodypump workout. This class is joined by about 15 women and most of the time I am the only man.

I wear tight shorts for comfort and notice many of the women check out my goods. And of course I secretly think they like what they see.

The women also wear tight gym stuff so I enjoy the sight when they’re bending and stretching in front of me for an hour. I hope the women behind me enjoy the sight as well.

After the class when we leave for the locker rooms, I fantasise that they take me to the women’s.

The locker rooms (at least the men’s) have long benches in front of the lockers. If they would push me down on it and take me for their joy -my dick, my hands, my mouth, my face, my legs - any way they want, I would be in heaven 😇