Take Me In The Water

A Sexual Fantasy

— By M-86

I love making love in the water.

I love it when, during a sunset skinny-dip at a remote beach, she swings her legs around my waist and guides my quickly swelling cock inside her. With hard nipples poking above the water, she arches her back and floats, looking up at the clouds. The waves pump her up and down on me.

I love it when, in a suburban pool at night, she pins me against the wall and kisses me passionately. I curl a finger around to her G-spot, she grabs my cock, and we rub each other to the edge of orgasm before I slide inside her for the final few thrusts.

I love it when, at a Toronto sex club, we drift around the steaming-hot pool chatting with a few other hot couples. She moves onto my lap, I press up into her, and the smiles on the other women's faces make it clear they're doing the same. We stay like this for a while, me inside her, while we talk. Eventually it gets to be too much, and all of us move upstairs....