Tables Turned

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Chocolate Comfort

I am a playboy, who happens to be in a relationship. Up until now I have had it all my way, untold sexual encounters. Leaving women wanting more and in some cases broken hearted. Feeling like the man, after all I give pleasure to these women - I am invincible.

Until one day I meet my match.

I approach this woman like others, everything goes smoothly until......

I get a text from my last notch on my belt saying ‘tables have turned, you are now my toy’

This woman is mature, 51. Sexy as hell and in a high powered job. She doesn’t have time for relationships however needs dick when and the way she wants it!!!! And she always gets her way. That I didn’t know.

Her text turnt me on and I replied back in my playboy manor. I planned to meet her - two days down the line I realised I had another woman lined up. As I had already fucked Miss M, I stood her up.

BIG mistake.

I received a text from Miss M, ‘you left me high and dry’ I made up a lie and rearranged. She duly accepted. Suggested we go for dinner, dancing and cap it off in a plush hotel. She was paying.

I should have suspected there was a plot, a twist.

As the evening draws to an end, we make our way to the hotel room.

We are chilling in the room and she orders room service.

SHIT..... the woman that comes up is the woman that I fucked when I stood her up. It’s akward, however Miss M goes into the bathroom. She comes out with handcuffs, a whip and laptop

I’m confused

TBC.... should I continue the story / fantasy Erika?