Table Tennis Confession

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lion

I use to have a huge crush on my roommate. It was in the pandemic time, we lived five people in a shared flat. We all had time on our hands and tried altogether to stay a minimum enthusiastic about everyday life. The new roommate and I got along very fast and spent a lot of our free time together. Every activity with him seemed exciting. We smoked at the bay window, where we needed to cuddle a little to fit in or spent hours making home-made pastas, standing so close to each other, hands brushing with every new piece of dough passing through the machine. We were once in the park, I was reading a comic lying on my belly and he lay next to me and read with me, his shoulder against mine. The tension was building and building and I was so conscious of it, but for multiple reasons it was at this moment of my life out of the question to fuck with him while we lived together… and I was also enjoying the electricity between us that made a lot of activities way more exciting in a time where boredom was commonplace. Our favorite hobby together was table tennis. We were both so passionate about it, and about each other. We could see from our kitchen window a public table and we called each other and ran down when it was free. We always warmed up before we started to play games. Every now and then one of us asked for a moment to take of a piece of clothe because it was getting warm. I loved these breaks, where we could watch each other undress a little. Sometimes my cheeks blushed a little when he was wearing something very sexy under his hoodie or when I knew that he could see my exposed belly when I took of mine. We played sometimes for hours and the outcomes were always different.. it was often really tight. One day he really destroyed me, he won almost every game with a huge advantage and somehow it turned me on like crazy, he dominated me. And on other days it was the other way around and this was also so sexy how I nailed him. At the end of the games we often lay next to each other on the table to relax after some hot games. We pulled our shirts up to take up some sun and looked at each other with half closed eyes, blinded by the light. In these moments I wished that I could have touched him…