Sweet dessert

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RodRod

I'm a Chef, and I've been working in many different places. In one of them we had a chef's table. A very beautiful redhead girl came alone to our special service one night. I was responsable for serving her the menu. We made eye contact at first time. She had a very pretty smile, a sensual dress and red lips. I spend a lot of time, more than usual, serving her, with all my love and passion for making her to have the best experience ever. I wanted to pleasure her with my food, with my eyes and my words. She laughed a touched her hair in a very sensual way. The time for dessert was closer and closer, and the restaurant kept empty. It was time for a most intimate moment. I was the last one of the staff to go away, and she didn't want to go away so soon. We were in a moment of making love with our eyes, with our breathe and our souls. I closed the door of the restaurant, and turned off some of the lights. It was time for dessert. I made a chocolate lava cake for her, with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate sauce. I sit beside her and put a little bit of the dessert on her sweet mouth. She closed her eyes and I could feel her pleasure in the movements of her body. It was time to move on. We started to kiss in the mouth and in our necks. I started to touch her body with my hands and the rest turned a very hot, passionate and erotic moment with our naked bodies over the chef's table and a very sweet chocolate sauce as complement of the sweet dessert.