Sweat, baby, sweat

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Strong is beautiful

One of the hottest things in the world is a strong, beautiful woman working out. Just the sight of a fit woman in tight gym wear is tantalising, but if she lifts heavy or does functional fitness with free weights and pull up bars, even hotter. And if she works out hard, breaking a dripping sweat... I'd want to be there licking the sweat off her breasts, pussy, and ass.

But for an XConfessions film, I'd wish there was another woman just like her. Maybe they were at the gym so late or so early that there was no one else, so when their hard, heavy, and extremely sweaty workouts were done, they'd find each other there, in the post-workout bliss, looking at each other.

"Nice workout", one would say to the other. Let's call her Lisa.

"Thanks", the other would answer. Let's call her Bella. She strikes up a conversation about hard workouts. By the end, the two decide to do a partner workout, same sort of lifting or functional fitness, getting sweatier still and pushing each other into a top performance. And when the workout is done, they collapse on the floor exhausted, one after the other.

After some panting and rest, Lisa, the first to finish gets up to sit next to Bella. "That was fantastic," she says as they look into each other's eyes. Bella nods. "Working out like this always makes me feel so good."

"Me too. I just want to keep this high for as long as I can."

"I know. The adrenaline and everything. My whole body's throbbing."

"Mine too. My nipples are throbbing so hard they're almost aching", Lisa and suddenly they're both aware of their hard nipples, pushing against their tops. They laugh a little.

"I know. Mine get so sensitive sometimes."

Lisa glances around, seeing no one's around. Then she racks up her courage and says: "I'm actually pretty aroused... I think I could come if someone rubbed my nipples a little bit." She laughs but they're both in on it already. The tension is palpable and they're trying to figure out if the other is willing. And of course they are.

Bella looks around as well, then she looks at Lisa for a long time. She doesn't ask anything, just moves her hand closer to signal she'd like to touch, and then stops. Lisa nods, and Bella touches the nipples, caressing them softly.

"You look good when you're so sweaty", Bella says.

"You too," Lisa says. "I wanna taste it."

Bella smiles and nods for okay. They straighten up and Lisa bends down to kiss and lick Bella's chest. What follows, is steamy, sweaty sex between the athletic ladies, alone at the gym.