Swallow, Baby.

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Virginia

When I was a shy girl, a friend of my older brother once entered my room quietly, made me a sign of silence with his finger on his lips, and suddenly kissed me, passionately. I liked him a lot, so it was a wonderful surprise to me. I got so excited about the chance of losing my virginity at last. He pushed me gently to put me lying on the bed, and I quickly fingered my cunt to get it ready. But he used his splendid cock to fuck my mouth instead. In a few minutes he cummed in my mouth, I couldn’t believe it, and he just whispered to me: --Swallow, baby.-- So I did. I cannot say it was an unpleasant experience, but I expected his nice cock to get my virginity off, and he didn’t! A few years later… One day I came across him in the street. I had’nt seen him since then. Many times I had thought what would I tell him, so I just said: --Hey, you remember me? I want you on my bed, I will fuck your mouth.-- Far from getting rid of such a crazy girl, he friendly replied: --Sure! I owe it to you! My appartment was only 5 minutes away. We walked together. When we finally entered my room and I pushed him gently on my bed, I checked inside my panty, I was so wet! I said: --Wait a minute, I’m arranging a surprise for you.-- I quietly went out to call my gay neighbour front door. I said to him: --Hey, this time I need you to fuck the mouth of my friend, and cum inside his mouth, as he did to me a few years ago, when I was so shy.-- My neighbour accepted my crazy plan, which turned out to be a success. First of all I fucked his mouth and his chin, then I fucked his nose, which gave so much pleasure to my clitoris. Meanwhile he started to lick my ass so finely that I had a nice idea: I would ride him to get my ass fucked while my neighbour fucked his mouth. So I said: --Hey, are you ready for a big surprise? –-Oh yes!-- He replied. Then I looked at my neighbour, who was waiting nearby with a nice erection. He executed the plan like a pro. He penetrated his mouth so sweetly that I am sure we all enjoyed the surprise. As for me, the anal sex was fantastic. After a few minutes, my neighbour cummed in his mouth, and I quickly reached his ear to whisper: --Swallow, baby.-- He smiled and soon cummed in my ass, so I guess my sweet revenge was a great experience for all.