A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Last saturday was the first real hot day this spring! My wife took the opportunity to sunbathe nude on our roofterrace. Although she applied lots of suntan milk all over her body , it turned out she was quite sunburned on her beautiful buttocks and breasts. So, when I came home she begged me to apply aftersun on her burned bits.

I told her to lay down on the bed, face down, and started to apply the cooling gel. I sigh of relief escaped her mouth, and she opened her legs a few inches more, revealing the crack between her flaming red buttocks. I applied a big dab of the gel on her butt cheeks and started to massage it into her red skin. Some of the gel leaked onto her butthole , so that gave me a very naughty idea! Quick I applied some extra gel, and started massaging her tiny o-ring. At first it contracted even more, because of the cold gel, but soon it relaxed and opened up a little! A bit more lube, and a first finger probed the narrow entrance. She moaned of delight and pushed her butt towards me, encouraging me to go on. So I applied some more gel, and a second finger slid in, a 3rd, and then I lost my cool. I ripped my pants down and penetrated her in one, demanding thrust. She pushed her pelvis against me, encouraging me to thrust harder and deeper. Our moans, grunts and shouts echoed through our bedroom, and I felt my sweat dripping on her fiery red buttocks. Suddenly she moaned loudly, and I felt a shiver going through her. Her orgasm was fierce and sudden, and triggered mine. I emptied myself deep in her, filling her with my juices. Exhausted I slid out her, and kissed her fiery red butt. I hope summer will last forever!