My summer ranch romp

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BD_07

I used to work on my uncle's ranch in the summer. For the first time he hired a young man to help him out. I didn't like him at first, because he was a player. But he looked so hot. His eyes. His muscles. His arms. I brought him ice cold water and something to eat every day. Then I went back to the house and peered out of the window to see him pour the water all over his body. Glistening over his chest, his abs... I think he did this on purpose because he knew I was watching. One day I went to the barn, where his little room was, to bring him fresh clothes. That's when I saw him as he undressed. He looked stunning. He turned around and saw me. His look had me stunned and I couldn't move. He came up to me and I could see in his eyes, that HE WANTED ME, really, really bad. I wanted him too. So I let him kiss me, touch me and fuck me. Rolling around in the hay like animals... It was gorgeous.