Summer Carwashes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kandp

I confess that I go to every single fundraising car wash the local College football team has. In Spring and Summer, they have them at least once a month to raise money for their teams. My two young kids love it because it's fun for them, but it's even more fun for me. I fantasize that I am alone, and as I pull up to the car wash, all the boys (who are all in their 20's) are in shorts only with ripped, hot bods. No shoes, and they are all wet from spraying down the cars. I roll my window down, and tell them that in order to get their donation money, they have to please me first, and I step out of the car. I grab the hose and soak my shirt, and before I know it, each of them are taking turns kissing me, massaging me, etc. I choose the one who I always find myself looking at the most...the one with the dark hair and bright eyes and a body to die for! While the rest of the boys continue washing my SUV, he and I fuck on the hood. When it's done, I thank them for their good job, hand them a $5 and drive off.