Such a Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Randall Mack

You are so free and open talking about anything and everything that is even remotely sexual. Your sex-filled mind, your amazing physical beauty and sexuality, and all the pleasure you get from everything related to sex is a passionate, lust-filled heaven for me.

I’ve never met a woman like you. Over the years I’ve been with dozens of great women of all ages, even eager horny teenage girls, but you are so fucking wicked and willing, beautiful and nasty and goddam horny—you are an incredible combination of all the unbelievably powerful sensual features I could ever imagine, all wrapped up in one woman. Truly, Babe. Fucking true.

How did you get to be the woman you are? What planet are you from, and how did such a star-lit heavenly being as you come to me, of all people?

You love how you feel standing naked with me. Oh god, your delicate body is so beautiful and attracting, so amazingly unique. Perfect. Your amazing shapely tits hold my stare and my hard thick cock is sticking straight out for you. Your hands feel my hard fat-headed cock, pulling it with long strokes, squeezing it, twisting it hard, hurting me and hearing me groan, aroused like hell and cursing you under my breath. Shit shit shit, Baby you fill my mind with hard burning lust for you. You make my body so tense with sexual desire I feel like I’ll explode if I don’t get my cock all over you, get my cock fucking you, awakening in you the bliss and ecstasy you crave.

Lying in the sheets, your chest feels full and tight as I’m opening your creamy willing thighs, spreading your knees apart and pushing your bent legs up toward your shoulders. Your eyes drift closed and your mouth opens just a little as you feel my mouth on you, feel my moving lips eating your pussy. My face up in your cunt, you feel me making out with your vagina the same way I make out with your mouth. You quietly exhale your hot moist breath as you feel me tenderly mouthing your wet pussy with prolonged kisses, with gently moving, pressing and sliding open lips.

A tiny feminine grunt of pleasure escapes your lips as I begin tonguing you. My soft fat tongue slowly stroking all around inside your body, pushing and digging into every secret place inside your soft warm hole. Then my tongue becomes rigid, steely, steadily and sloppily tongue-fucking you with my mouth wide open. Hungrily, lovingly tasting your tangy, fragrant pussy, and making a drooling wet mess of your crotch. My god, such a Woman.