Study Buddy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bookworm

In the final year of my post graduate degree I gained access to a portion of the library at university that was out of bounds to under grads. One Saturday morning I was putting in some extra reading in the private section. I was alone for about 35 mins before another post grad student entered the room. I’d been flirting with her on an off for a few months and the tension in the room was palpable. We were both in very comfy clothes and I took the bold step to suggest we take advantage of our private area fully. Not expecting her to be open to the suggestion she proceeded to slide her hands into my pants and achieved the very easy goal of getting me rock hard. I felt her body heat and knew that the moment was about to be realized. It was an intense and passionate embrace and we both were semi-excited by the possibility of someone walking in. But fully released from one another knowing what could happen. We collapsed and after catching our breath continued our morning of study.