Stranded Strangers

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Heyo

I’ve had this fantasy where I’m stranded on a tropical island after a plane crash (think Cast Away). Me and a woman I don’t know are the only two survivors. We look nothing alike. We’re different races, or body shapes, or ages, or gender associations, or sexual orientations, or all of the above. We may not even speak the same language. But we help each other to survive. One night, sitting by the fire after a delicious meal of fresh caught fish and island fruit, we make love. Up until then, we had been extremely respectful of each other’s privacy and autonomy. But in this beautiful moment, as the waves crash under a star-filled sky and the fire and warm sand heats our bodies, we both give in to our desire for human touch. We suck and fuck each other like we are the last people on Earth.