Still Sexy at 50

A Sexual Fantasy

— By PrimalGuy

Our 30th wedding anniversary. A night just for us. No kids, no grand kids. A simple dinner at home. A little reading together on the couch. Then a long, loving night in the bedroom.

In the beginning, we had sex with abandon. Now we have sex with adoration. The years have brought us so close together. But the sex is still an adventure. We love it.

You’ve bathed, and pampered yourself. Lying naked on the bed, waiting for me. Inviting me. But to start off slowly.

I snuggle up next to you, also naked. Spoon position, our favorite way to start. We do it all the time - so used to each other, yet already I'm hard. And I can feel you start to anticipate.

I reach around to cup your breast. I know exactly how to squeeze. Gently, firmly, with just the right tempo. You know exactly what I'm going to do, yet every time you respond so swiftly.

You squeeze your buttocks against me. Almost on its own, my cock reaches for its destination. I press you against me, and you are more than ready. Eyes closed, head back, loud moans. I push myself deep into you, while embracing you tightly from behind. Squeezing your breast and nuzzling your neck.

We come quickly, loudly, together. We rest, we snuggle. We've done this a thousand times before, but each time is still a wonder. And the night is young.