Spontaneous MFM

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Proffesser

We had a trip to Mexico planned just the two of us with no kids. We get to our resort, check in and head to our room. Once there we both get our bathing suits on, and head to the pool/breach area.  Later that afternoon we get pulled into a beach volleyball game and ended up chatting with a friendly guy who was already in the game. Turns out he was on a solo trip . Drinks were flowing, we played for a couple hours and he was very fun to hang out with. The week continued like this and we became fast friends. Near the end of the week we all made dinner plans. We met him as planned, laughed at little at the third wheel feel but made a group decision to seat ourselves with my wife in the middle . Conversation was boarding on taboo at points and after dinner no one was interested in calling it a night so we decided to check out the club at the resort. At the club a song came on that got my wife out of her seat and she grabbed us both and we headed out. Something tangible changed in that moment. It was the look on her face and the way that she and he were making brief physical contact, and how she was moving between the two of us. The song ended and the spell was broken but there was still a lot of unspoken communication.

We closed the club down and wove our way back to our room where we found some cards and started a half hearted drinking game. My wife confessed to not wanting to drink any more than she has already and so I offhandedly suggested then perhaps the wager should be clothing then. To my mild surprise she said sure and so the game was on. The mood palpably changed.

After some bad hands both me and our friend were down to just underwear. Finally my wife's luck runs out and she loses a big hand and has to undress to a light bra and a thong. Her nipples were hard and erect as we we. You could cut the tension with a knife. She was still standing and motioned for me to come to her. I stood and we kissed deeply. She then looked over to our friend who was watching and visibly aroused. I nodded and she motioned him over and they kissed. Soon she's exploring our bodies and both of us exploring hers with hands and mouths We guide her over to the bed and she takes me in her mouth as she lays down. He positioned himself between her legs and started kissing her inner thigh. He worked his way down and then pulls her thong to the side and presses his tongue into her clit. She moaned and bucks at the sensation. She wants me inside her so I move down the bed and our friend moves up and I watch the sight of my wife's lips and mouth wrapped around his cock. She looks at me and asks if I would be comfortable with our friend being inside her her. I nod so she gets on her knees as he moves behind her. They started moving together and you could tell he was ready to cum, pulls out, and cums eveywhere.  My wife then guides me inside her. We both quickly have an earth shattering organsm and we all lay there exhausted and blissed out