Speechless agreement

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ej.

I see her in a clothing store, as she drifts between the shelves, in her elegant style. She notices me, and we can't help but smile as we try to avoid eye contact. Without changing any words, we pretend we don't know each other.

I follow her into a changing room. She knows exactly what she wants. She leans her back against the wall, and I remove her beautiful, mint summer dress. I kiss her, then her breasts, and go slowly down on her. She lifts her foot on my shoulder and holds my head, as I lick her till the end... That is how I know her, so self-confident in her sexuality. Then she shows her skills, giving me a blowjob that makes me feel bigger than ever. She licks, sucks and swallows until the last drop...

We leave like we came, without words, but with a feeling that it will happen