Sophie's Desire

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Tim

My partner has told me many times how much she likes it when my friends come over. We've been in an open relationship for a while - but have struggled deciding how and when to tell some of our friends who would be surprised by this. Then one afternoon I come home from my normal errands, and to my surprise, 4 of my friends are there. They're claiming something about the game watching party I invited them to. I look at my partner and see the look in her eye and know this has been her plan all along. As the game watching continues, I see her keep changing clothes, each time into something more revealing hoping to catch an eye. My friends are not very observant. Finally she puts on what she feels most sexy and confident in, strides into the room, and asks where she can sit. My friends are all too shocked, yet intrigued to say something. She saunters over to one of them and sits in his lap while gently touching another one ... she's in charge now, the game is hers, and we're all just playing it.