A Sexual Fantasy

— By hazelnutz

I have a local beach where I go swimming. Sometimes when I get out of the water, and I shake the water out of my bikini top and lie down to dry in the sun, I wish it were socially acceptable to masturbate in public.

In my fantasy, I exit the ocean. I walk to my towel, and before lying down on it, I take off my bikini and squeeze out the water. A few people around me look at me, surprised to see such nakedness. I lie down and soak up the sun a little, my eyes closed. My hand moves slowly towards my crotch and I begin to masturbate - unbothered by the crowds around me. People are watching me - plenty of men.

They don't make a move (not yet) but watch me masturbate, getting faster and faster. When I'm getting closer to climax, and starting to gasp, the men can't contain themselves, they are all over me, and they take it in turns fucking me. (Let it be noted that I do not give a single one of them a blowjob or a hand job - the focus is all on pleasuring me). Their hands are all over me, their dicks moving slowly in and out. All of us cumming, me being passed around like a toy (who loves being passed around).

An alternative version to the orgy is where the sexy lifeguards (one man, one woman) are tipped off by one of the people on the beach that there is a girl masturbating in public and she should be told off. The lifeguards come over to me, intending to tell me to dress or leave the beach. But they are too turned on to be professional, and we end up in a beautiful, sexy threesome.