So near yet so far

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jellybeanz

My girlfriend and I spent a good deal of time living apart last year. Although this wasn’t always easy, we would regularly wind each other up with intimate messages and, on some occasions, watching each other masturbating over Skype. I found these Skype sessions such a turn on - seeing my girlfriend catch her breath as I grew hard, but not being able to touch me was so hot. My fantasy would be for us to reenact this scenario at home, both of us on our laptops but in adjacent rooms. Our walls are thin, so we would probably be able to hear each other gasping and moaning, perhaps even the sound of lubricated skin and vibrating toys as we act out each other’s webcam fantasies. The additional turn on of seeing myself, all heavy and hard, in the top corner of the screen would be too much to handle...