Snow White Confessions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fd59

Dopey - When he fucks me Doggy-Style he makes a terrible fatigue to keep his dick, still small, in my pussy that is much higher than him.

Doc - Dying on one side, he keeps his enormous dick fucking planted in me and holds a book in front of us.

Happy - His movement on me is not that of penetration but it is like a continuous rubbing. Yet it is the only one who makes me come without touching me.

Sneezy - He goes crazy when loud air noises comes out of my widen pussy.

Bashful - He comes rubbing his cock on the mattress and keeping my nipples in his mouth.

Sleepy - When it's his turn, I already know that after filling me with his sperm he will fall asleep for the rest of the night. Finally we can sleep.

Grumpy - He has the bigger cock of all, and yet when he fucks me, he complains because my pussy is too wide. But my ass can be dreamed of.

So my nights go by all week.