Small favors

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Soreal

I’m a handsome, fit, well rounded man in my mid 40s. My wife is beautiful. She had several sex partners and a previous marriage before me. I love her. 
After being somewhat of a player through much of my youth, I was oblivious to a certain reality that’s now haunting me. I have a small dick. At its hardest, it’s 4.5 inches long, though not thin at 5.25 inches around. The truth is, there are places inside a woman I will never reach, and if she’s had any experience at all, there’s an honest 98% chance I’m the smallest man she’s ever seen or fucked. During sex, I’m seeing the frustration in her because of the spots I’m not hitting. I’m starting to wish she would confront me about it, frankly converse with me about my smallness. Perhaps she should insist I purchase her a large dildo, and ask me to masturbate for her while she uses and talks to me about this reality. She would start to enjoy seeing the effect of conversations, of watching me get so turned on as I listen and pleasure myself to orgasm. Perhaps she will suggest I find her a nice clean gentleman with a large penis and who knows how to use it. She tells me she will cum so much harder as she receives his deep strokes while she watches me caress my small member with my thumb and two fingers, blind with lust over our new reality......