Slumber Party of Two

A Sexual Fantasy

— By camogirl_

In the summer of 2012, I was 18 years old. My best friend had just broken up with her boyfriend and my parents were out of town, so naturally I invited her over for a sleepover so we could drown our sorrows in whatever we could find in my parents liquor cabinet. Rum and diet cola was my favourite, so I made us a couple stiff drinks and we climbed into the hot tub, each sporting one of my new bikinis. She looked so beautiful. Both of us 18, but both with such different bodies. Her breasts were pillowy, quite large, and spilling out of the bathing suit top I’d lended her. I wished it looked that way on me. We finished drink after drink, and I couldn’t help but let my mind wander. I told her that my bathing suit looked great on her, and that I envied her breasts. She told me that she envied mine too, so small and perky. With my nipples piercing through my suit, I asked her if I could feel her breasts. She smiled, and told me yes, but only if she could feel mine too. I placed my hands on her chest, cupping her breasts in my hands, telling her how perfect they were. She brushed her hands over mine, and commented on how nice it must be to have small breasts - my nipples piercing through my top. I leaned in, kissing her on her soft lips, my hands pulling down her top. We made out for a while in the hot tub, and then decided to go inside and dry off. We both showered (separately) and then finished where we left off in my bed. I slowly removed her towel, revealing her beautiful, curvy body. Kissing every inch of her body, I worked my way down to her clean-shaven pussy. I hesitated, kissing her thighs and licking my way up to where her pink, little, pussy lips parted. I looked her in the eye, and she nodded at me. I could feel her quivering as I gently kissed her wet pussy before I parted her with my tongue. It didn’t take long before we both came, over and over again. That night we woke each other up countless times to play - to rub our throbbing pussies on each other’s tight, naked bodies. I’ll never forget the taste of her. I’ll never forget how heartbroken I was when she got back together with her boyfriend. 5 years later she finally came out as bisexual. Although she is still dating the same guy, we send each other videos and photos in secrecy, playing with ourselves to the thought of fucking again. Yesterday we met up for lunch, I always think it will be awkward to see her, but it never is. Before she dropped me off at home, I told her that if she ever wanted to explore again, that I’d be waiting for her. She’s going to talk to her boyfriend about it.