A Sexual Fantasy

— By lolafromtheeast

I am a shy, young lady always considered as "sweet" by the others. But I have always had very perverse dreams. One evening I met a 40 year old foreigner in the park while reading a book. He was the funny, intelligent, seductive type of guy - but gentleman. He was looking at me almost undressing me with his eyes. And those big hands... I started to imagine very dirty things that he could do with me but it was just my "imagination". After couple of hours talking, he took me for a drink and then we went to his hotel. I started to feel like an "exclusive prostitute"... but somehow it really turned me on. And when we entered his room he said "do whatever you want with me. I am all yours". I have never behaved that way before - I screamed to him to smack me, I was pushing his mouth to my pussy to lick me and I have spitted on him. I did everything that I saw on porn movies and he enjoyed me behaving that nasty, wild way. He was my slave.