Is that how you do it to Silo?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By oddyseusitacenses

We hang around together a lot; my girlfriend Cornelia, my best friend Silo, his girlfriend Clodia and me. We share a lot of interests and we are surprisingly close.


I always felt that there was this strong connection between me and Clodia, like some unspoken sexual tension. We have flirted with each other a few times but nothing ever happened. We both enjoy our little games and our partners do not seem to mind.


Two weeks ago we all went on a dinner with some friends. As we usually do, afterwards we went out for a few drinks, and as it usually happens, my girlfriend and my best friend decided to bail on us when the fun was just getting started.


The nigth went on as me and Clodia danced our inhibitions away. A few cocktails later we were alone and drunk and we used any excuse to rub our bodies together. At a certain point I touched her lip with my finger and she grabbed it. Hard. And started licking it and sucking it, moaning like we were fucking. I looked at her barely containing myself and asked:


'Is that how you do it to Silo?'


And she answered:


'That is how I would do it you.'


Nothing more happened that night. I escorted Clodia to her shared appartment with Silo and I went home to Cornelia. And to masturbate. I like to believe that she did the same. After that, we have been together a few times, simply having coffee or talking about silly stuff. But we haven't discussed what happened. More exactly, we haven't discussed what didn't happened.


I am affraid it is going to happen. Someday. Maybe. And you will be the first to know.