Silly girl

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fugar

He was my dad's friend. 30 years older than me. When he was invited to our house for dinner, I used to look at him secretly, look at his strong hands, blue eyes behind round glasses, at the grey hair starting to show on the sides, at his mouth, his gentle laughter. I used to imagine that I would ask him to meet me in my dad's office to discuss books only for him to find me there, on the desk, legs wide open, exposing the soft wetness of my pussy. I would say 'I want your face between my legs'. He knows we shouldn't do this but I can see his cock growing, his eyes craving. Without saying a word he gets down on his knees, his hands grabbing me and pulling me closer. I feel his breath, as I am dripping down my thigh. He kisses my pussy, I moan, my nipples get hard. He fingers me slowly while looking me in the eyes. Then he makes me taste myself on his fingers. He turns me around and makes me wait for his cock. He enters me slowly, streching my pussy. 'Is this what you want, silly girl?' He fucks me there deep and quiet. I have orgasm after orgasm, my legs shiver and his cock is covered in my sticky cum. And then I snap out of it, we are still at the dinner table, he is laughing with my parents and I just stained the chair.