Silent, Secret Passion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By BadRoommate

When I was in my twenties, my roommate's girlfriend lived with us for a while, and I was very, *very* attracted to her. Nothing ever happened between us, but I thought about it often. I used to lie in bed thinking about what we might do to each other. My favorite fantasy was of lying in bed on a hot summer night, halfway to sleep in nothing but my boxers. She would slip into my room wearing nothing at all and silently kiss me. As she climbed on top of me, I would open my eyes, and she would put a finger to her lips before kissing me again. Her hand would slide beneath my boxers as I slid her nightie up over her breasts. We would explore each other's bodies silently, our passion growing. Wrapped around each other, we would make love once, twice, many times, dying to cry out with ecstasy but never making a sound. Finally, she would collapse on top of me, spent, and caress my face and chest before pulling herself away from me, putting her nightie back on, and leaving as silently as she arrived. The next morning, she would act completely normal, and I would wonder, was it a dream? But as she left for work, she would catch my eye with a smoldering look, and I would know, and be left wondering if it would ever happen again...