The Shy Guest

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alex

This is my story...It begins with me and my wife picking up a friend from the airport, that was going spend weekend with us. As the night evolves we have dinner and we continue our night with some drinks. Other than some flirtatious banter; nothing exciting happens between the three of us. Me and wife realize that it is getting late and we decide to call it a night and we go to our room, and our friend retreats to the guest room. Apparently, my wife did not want the night to end and decided to strip naked and without any warning kiss me long and deep. Needless to say, one thing led to another, and we make very passionate love. This is where things get interesting. Apparently, we were being a bit too loud and it got our guest's attention. She realized what was happening and got a bit curious and walked over to our room. As she inches closer, she realizes that she is getting turned on. The longer that she stands by our door, the more she yearns to be touched. She decides that she cannot take it much longer and that she wants to at the very least watch the action. She puts her hand on the door knob and begins to turn it and as she is about to open the door, she gets extremely shy and decides to go back to her room. The next day comes to light and we go about it none the wiser, we take her out on the town and have a great time and we come back to out apartment. Again, I cook for my lady and our friend; have drinks; talk; flirt a bit; and we go to bed. Me and my wife start making love and we get caught deep in the moment again and forget that we have a guest. Again, this passion catches her attention and she decides once more that she wants to listen to the action from our door way. As she inches over to our room, her heart begins to race and her desire grows more and more. As she stands at the doorway, she reaches for the doorknob and without hesitation this time, she opens the door and says; "Can I at least watch you guys?"...