Show Us Your Technique

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Wittgenstein

This is a masturbation fantasy. I am imagining a group of friends, two girls and two guys, sitting on the floor, drinking wine, a conversation that slowly becomes sexual. They talk about masturbation. About what turns them on, what they think of when they do it, crazy places where they have done it, etc. One of the guys talks about his 'edging' technique (getting to the point of no return and stopping) and the girls, curious, ask him to demonstrate. He is embarrassed, but they insist. But he is already really turned on. Eventually he opens up his trousers, and takes out his hard penis, stroking it as the rest of the group looks on. As he is already moving towards orgasm, the girls get really aroused and start touching themselves through their trousers. The guy stops just before orgasm and asks the girls to demonstrate how they do it. The girls take their trousers off but keep their panties on. As they explain, they keep their panties on, their hands slowly moving inside, all you can see is some pubic hair and that their panties are wet and their hands moving inside. Now everyone is touching themselves but no one is physically touching the other. Lust is in the air until they all orgasm. The girls catch a handkerchief to help the guys clean up.