A Sexual Fantasy

— By ElzWel

I work at a downtown library. Usually my job is same-old, same-old, day after day. Then he showed up about a month ago. He started coming in several mornings a week to use our wi-fi connection, like many other people do. I've seen him around, I know he lives around here somewhere, like many other people do. I didn't think much of it until a week later, when I caught him watching me over his laptop. I got a little nervous about it at first, but I was excited too. It's been a while. And he's very good looking.

We never spoke. He simply watched me, at the desk, helping patrons, shelving books. I found myself looking for him to come in and he caught me watching him several times as well. We flirted with our eyes, but that was all. Until a week ago when he changed the game and started touching me. A finger trailing over my arm or brushing against my hair as he passed by me in the stacks. Then three days ago he ran a hand over my butt and squeezed. So yesterday I decided it was my turn to up the stakes. No panties. Made sure my skirt was just short enough to make him want to investigate as I pushed my book cart by. Put a little extra swing in my step.

I didn't have to wait long; I felt him step behind me as I shelved history books. His hand went under my skirt and his fingers slid over me, into me. He stroked me several times, getting me wet and hot and gasping—then he moved away and left me there frustrated. But he'll be back. I know he wants more. I know he wants to fuck me right there in the library stacks. And I'll risk my job and let him, because I want it so bad. But when will it happen? Today? Tomorrow?