Sexy, Cute, & Funny - Eaten Out At The Burger Bar

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Aly

Theres a burger bar where I am a regular, partially because the menu is fantastic, but mostly because so are the bartenders. There's Sexy, who just has to call me "Babe" with his gorgeous accent and I start to get wet. Then there's Cute, who has the best smile and always a wink in his eye. And finally Funny, who always has a story to tell that will have me giggling. One day I imagine taking my regular seat at the bar, but this time as Sexy greets me with a "hey babe" he lifts me up on top of the bar and starts kissing me. Cute and Funny both join in and start removing my clothes, kissing and licking me all over. Funny grabs a bottle of whiskey and starts pouring it over my tits for the guys to lick off. They push me back so I'm lying on the bar and continue to play with my tits, run their hands over my body, and eat me out until I can't take it anymore and come all over.