Sexual Tension

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lady of lust

We've been friends almost a decade, and with every year the sexual tension has only continued to build. One of us has always been in a relationship so we have never wanted to cross the line of infidelity. We've shared a kiss here and there but it's never gone farther, although it's obvious we have both wanted it to. There's one moment in particular where the sexual tension is always at its peak where I feel I can't take it any longer and that's when I'm sitting on the back of his moto. We cruise around the streets of Barcelona, the wind in my hair, my breasts pressed up against his back. My arms begin to wrap around his waist and I can feel his perfectly athletic physique. My nose nuzzles on his shoulder, smelling the salt in his hair after his morning surf. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I slid my hands down further...maybe just to gently touch his cock, hoping to find my answer to the ultimate question, does he really want this too?