Sexual Gameshows

A Sexual Fantasy

— By River

My fantasies involve "sexual gameshows" were women are "contestants" and men are sexually objectified.

There are two variations:

In one, the men are strapped to chairs, sitting naked, and above each there is a small desk, several centimeters above their penis. On the desk there is a red light bulb, and below it, attached to its top - there is a button, which can turn the bulb on or off. The men are tied and can't move their hands or legs.

Each woman contestant has to sexually arouse each man (without touching them) - in a way that their erection will hit the button and turn on the light bulb. The first one to achieve this "wins".

The other variation is where the men are behind closed "curtains", each having 3 small "doors" - one on top, one in the middle and one on the bottom. The woman can choose only one of the doors -

the top one will reveal a face, the middle will reveal abs, and the lower one will reveal a penis - after they choose which door to open - they decide according to what they see if they want to have sex with the men.