Sexual Desires

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Fallen99Shadow

Into my ear you whisper things that make me weak with desire a fire inside me starts to burn Oh how you set my body ablaze My eyes you look into as though you can see my soul I love your mysterious and provocative gaze causing you to touch my skin your burning flames I feel Then your kiss upon my yearning lips Our tongues hungry indulging their craving, to feel the poison Your soul, blood boiling throughout Emotions electrifying pure intoxication stimulating, your hands flow over me Touching every curve, every part of me... My legs seem to move apart automatically a mystical ride you lift me on while my body you know will guide the way Making love all night long, just listen to our song Flames of desire and passion take control of us your hands upon my breasts, such an exciting sensation I feel Eager lips kiss my hard erect nipples The more you kiss the stronger my hunger and sensation builds you set my body free,as I feel you enter deep inside me I feel a rage to incredible to resist all I want is to let go, you got me yearning, soaking wet I feel you pause deep inside me and pull out and push hard back in with ecstasy and pure delight I moan, and get shivers all about But... From a fire lit inside my being as I scream and beg harder and harder your name I call out Anguished in bliss I cry out, a slight sigh gasping for air This fire between us so immense so full of thirst and heat not even water would extinguish this fire in me, burning endlessly You take me higher and higher than I have ever been I'm the magical ride and I invite you on I just can't get enough you bring out the hot desire in me As we reach the moment of our climax, laying side by side I go down to lap up every last drop of sweetness you have left inside, you have me craving more how your taste I adore