Sex With My Teacher

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Samar

I am shy type student. I fall in love with my teacher (Professor Samantha, Psychology Teacher) at the very moment I saw her. She is lovely and beautiful. Her age is around 40 and I am around 25. She is a married woman and lives alone in the college campus, and her husband lives in some other city. I used to find a ways to see her many times. During her lecture I used to just see her. I started studying the subject which she taught (Psychology) so that I could be her favorite student. Within a mid-term examination, I was topper in her subject, she used to call me frequently if she needed any help like notes, passing some message to students, arranging seminars, or any activities.

There was a Mathematics lecture going on, I was feeling sleepy and suddenly Professor found out that I am not paying attention. He scolded me badly and humiliated me and entire students laughed at me. I was little average in Mathematics. Just after this lecture, Prof. Samantha called me and asked to prepare a seminar on psychology, she asked to make notes and she asked to me come at her home at 4 PM at her house(her house is in the university premise) to evaluate the seminar notes.

I went to her house at 4 PM. She was looking very beautiful, but I was paying much attention because of what happened in the morning Mathematics class, I was upset. I handed over the notes. She marked various changes in the seminar notes. She looked at me. and asked me, "Why are you upset?" I said, "Nothing" She: "Something is there. You can tell me" I said: "No I am ok" She came close to me, she said "Don't you believe me? You can tell me. I will help you definitely." holding my hands. I said "In the morning, Mathematics lecture was going on, Professor humiliated me badly and entire students laughed at me. Yesterday night I was not slept well, and I was feeling lazy in the lectures, and that's why I could focus in the lecture..." I started crying heavily.....

She hold me tightly and tried make me comfortable. I put my head on her chest. She was rubbed my back and I hold me like her baby. I cried nearly for 5 to 10 mins in her arms. She looked into my eyes. I felt very nice. I came very close to her. My nose touching her, I closed my eyes, now feel like touching my lips on her. She started kissing me. within a moment realised this is wrong. I said "I am sorry mam" She said "it's ok. look at me" She hold me tightly. She said "I will make a coffee" I said "Ok" I tried a to change the topic She made a coffee and we were drinking it. We were sitting on a sofa. She looked at me and smiled (like teasing me)

She picked up notes and she told me various things. Our hands touched and we got excited and started kissing wildly. We kissed for 10 minutes. She asked me to go bedroom. We went to her lavish bedroom. I started fucking her in missionary position. We fucked a lot. After sex we had hot shower. for 30 minutes we romanced in her bathtub. She told me that this is best sex she ever had.