Sex With My Doctor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By young boy in PARIS

I am 24 years old. I live in Paris. I am bisexual. I have seen my doctor ( male ) who is my generalist. He is around 50 years old very sexy doctor. I didn't know that he was gay or bi. I see him monthly to do check up for my blood test or other health issues. Once, I had a red spot on my penis. He was checking this red spot and he asked me if I have the spots around my bottom. He has had checked but he didn't see any of them there. He was asking me sexual questions if I am having sex often without a condom. I was still in my underwear and I get hard by his question because I was dreaming of sucking him, kissing him, and fucking with him on the checking table. I get hard and he saw it. I always dream to have sex with him. He approaches me and touches my penis. He said I can not I am sorry but for me, it was enough :) I already had him in my head.