Sex on the streets

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DeepPurple

Yesterday I had an unexpected gift coming from my mind in form of a dream. I woke up at 1 AM in the night alone in my bed all sweat, wet and my nipples already hard.

There was a couple in the street, she was naked, in a four legs position, big ass, soft tits, dark hair, fleshy lips. Her hair was a mess, he had been playing with her. I woke up and his pinus was deep into her, he took it out . He went to a phone box and answered my call. I was looking at them through a window giving him instructions about what to do, she was looking at me like asking me to hurry up because she wanted to feel it inside again.

I woke up and started having lots of fantasies with two guys that have been around lately, both of them together sometimes one of them.

I’m on the streets now, I’m in Barcelona Metro station, surrounded by people. Writing the story and getting wet again.