Sex during Pregnancy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jade S

Dear Erika,

My name is Jade, and I am VERY pregnant. I can't even put in words what a rollercoaster this pregnancy has been for me.

I am sure you remember from your pregnancies that when you're pregnant, suddenly everybody has a whole lot of good advice for you. I swear, if I have to talk about baby clothes, breastfeeding or the perks of sending my kid to a multilingual kindergarden I will never be able to afford one more time, I will murder someone.

What I would really like to talk about though is that my libido has been through the roof these past months. I am SO horny. The other day, my partner gave me a massage when I got home from work and I swear I almost came right there on my kitchen chair. Since neither of us have had a child before, I realised how little I actually knew about sex during pregnancy. So I went on an online research to answer the millions of questions I suddenly had. But the information online was so inconsistent and I felt like going on that google search just made me more insecure. I read things like "Will the baby feel what's going on" or "Am I at risk of infection when I have sex during pregnancy", "Can I hurt my baby"? - and I just thought, ok that's it. NEVER having sex again until this is over.

But then my partner encouraged me to ask an actual doctor about my options and the do's and don't and I am so glad I did! I learned so much about my own body and sexuality by allowing myself to explore this new situation.
Pregnant women are beautiful and deserve to be seen as sexual beings, not just fragile incubators about to explode.

I would love to see a movie for pregnant women and their sex partners to encourage them to be curious, to love their new bodies and hormones and to inform themselves about sex during pregnancy.