sex collisions

A Sexual Fantasy

— By kplusbplus

I've never had sex like I've had with B. It's safe and open and adventurous and fearless and fun and, frankly, I don't know how we keep it up sometimes. The last time, we had six straight hours. He met me in a hotel. It was 6 AM when we started, and I was still waking up when he knocked on the door. (I had bought lingerie for the occasion, and hadn't put it on yet! I was still in a comfy shirt. He didn't care.) It's always a blur afterwords. We try to recap, to remember, but it's little more than moments: him on his back, me on his cock, my heels tucked under his knees, my hands on his wrists, rocking on him (he tells me, I've never been fucked like this); me at the window, bent at the waist, and he's never been so deep inside me, it's hard for me to stand, I tell him to hold me tighter; hours into it, I get lightheaded while I suck on his cock, so we stop to eat some strawberries; I go to the washroom for water, he follows me, cock hard and condom on, I put one knee on the counter, we stare at ourselves in the mirror, I adjust the makeup mirror so I can see his cock in and out of my cunt, my eyes widen, oh, I like that, I moan; his sweat, dripping onto me; that one position we're addicted to, me curled up on my back, my knees in my armpits, him inside me, on top of me, his hands on my face, so gentle, and so, so deep (we lost a condom that way, once, and it was the most intimate thing, to find it again. I'll tell you about it in another confession). We laugh and gasp and ask and talk through it. That's the best part, I think. I feel so totally free when we're together, in ways I never knew I could be. He says we've ruined sex, we're too good. It's true. I was sore (noticeably, I felt) for a week after the last time. Truly. Literally. I'd never felt that before. We're long-distance now, but that hasn't caused our sex collisions. (Ha!) That's just us. The next time, we'll have 29 hours. Wish us luck! (I never did put on that lingerie...) --- K (with consent of B)