Sex and the Snow

A Sexual Fantasy

— By dpierce123

She felt the chill of the cold winter air upon her body. She'd never made Love in the snow before, and the idea seemed crazy to her, but the evening had been so romantic and fun that the delicious thought of doing something wild excited her senses. He wrapped his arms around her thin waist and pulled her body toward him. Passionately he kissed her. Their warm mouths pressing into each other against the background of the cold night air. Their tongues explored each other, as if to devour their beloved. Gently, and with her help, he slowly pulled her jeans down her thigh exposing her pink thong. He Bent down as he kissed her thigh, and then proceeded to pull her thong all the way down to her ankles as well. She could feel the rush of the chilly winter air around her exposed ass and pussy, and the feeling excited her wildly. She was already getting wet. The heat of her own excitement kept her warm. He kissed her bush, and then stood up to unbutton his own jeans, exposing his already hard and impressive cock. Gently now he pressed his finger into her opening, and massaged her erotically as he pressed his body into her, kissing her now more intensely. She could feel an orgasm coming on, as if she was about to explode. The excitement of this outdoor winter escapade was incredible. She felt so free and sensual. Then, with one smooth motion, his cock entered her body and she moaned with delight as he slide into her wet center. Holding her body against his, the snow crunching around their feet, he began thrusting into her. Their heavy breathing echoed around them. The feeling became so intense that she could no longer hold on and she let go and felt the rush of an orgasm move through her entire body... causing her to tingle into her fingers and toes. What a delicious way to end the evening, and she didn't even notice the cold.