Sex and Love in the Time of Quarantine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Erika Lust

It's so strange to think that over half of the world is living in quarantine right now. My imagination runs wild travelling through all of the continents. How can life suddenly change so drastically for all of us?

I can feel a collective desire for more interaction and I imagine an invisible piece of string connecting us all. During sleepless nights I run through different scenes in my head, tricking my self into a sex roulette until I enter my dreams where my pleasure is no longer restricted by social distancing.

I know that we can't live in our dreams, so when we're awake we need to use this opportunity to try things that we never dared to try before. What are you doing after washing your hands? Are you touching, fucking, sucking, licking enough?

I want to give this film to everyone locked in their homes around the world, to watch and to be inspired by how others are spending their quarantine.