Self Isolation Fun

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mrs H

During the pandemic, I've been locked down and self-isolating in my home, unable to go out for three months due to my health. It's not a problem, I have a big enough house and garden and my daughters can leave food etc on the doorstep for me.

I live alone since my divorce and so I was braced for a lonely time. However, my friend's son has the same health condition and he lives in a shared house with mates so when it was announced they asked if he could live with me and I agreed - it would be much safer for him with me.

I wasn't expecting him to be so handsome and despite the 30odd year age gap, so very polite. So very yummy.

I had a slight problem. I fancied the pants off him - his love of wearing tight shorts didn't help and one night I couldn't sleep I saw him wondering downstairs and into the kitchen for a drink in his boxers. They were that tight I could see everything and my god I wanted everything.

I found myself wearing sexier things, found myself wearing lingerie every day just incase rather than on date nights. I remember one morning I was reading a steamy book in my back living room in just silk nightie, I was so turned on I started to masturbate and he interrupted me. I managed to move my hand quick and pull the nightie down but I wasn't quick enough. I could see it in his eyes, I could see him wanting my breasts to spill out.

That night I made dinner for us both and opened a bottle of red. I took the plunge and kissed him. I had my sexiest pieces on under my summer dress and I couldn't wait for him to see. We kept on kissing each other, ripping each other's clothes off on the way to my bedroom.

We fucked, it was so good. I came over and over again, so did he. I went to sleep covered in his semen.

We're still locked down now, it's just getting lifted but our fucking won't stop. Stressful pandemic? Not under my roof...