Secret shower queer

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I like going to the public pool and showering in the communal showers. I'm very shy, and modest with my body, but I like the thrill of almost getting caught completely naked by another man. Some times I'm showering with just a thong, or other times I'm showering naked but covering my private parts. I've seen guys stare at me and I like that even though I'm not gay. Sometimes I wish some dude would come up to me and ask to fuck me. This is how I imagine it. I would alone in the showers, so I would begin to masturbate. I would close my eyes and the noise of the water wouldn't let me hear when someone else walks in. So when I open my eyes, I see him staring at me masturbating, and he's masturbating to me. I immediately stop. He comes close and asks if he can fuck me. After a bit of a pause, I nod yes and turn around and close my eyes and bend down. Then he lubes up his penis with soap and penetrates my asshole slowly. I let me out a gasp. Then he begins to thrust into me. He hits my g- spot. This is my first time with another man. I almost cum without even having to touch my penis. After a few thrusts. He's about to cum too, so he exits me and I turn around and get on my knees and erupts all over my face. The cum runs down my face with the water and I can't tell which is which. I have my eyes closed and I begin to stroke my penis, and immediately I cum, releasing my juice on the shower floor and letting out a good moan. I stay on my knees with my head bowed and eyes shut for a bit letting the water wash over me and my pleasure. Then I open my eyes and he's gone. I'm alone in the shower.