The Secret Sex Gym

A Sexual Fantasy

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"That keyfob for the gym, it works for a few other things too, I've found..."

I've been going to the 24hr gym regularly for a while now, getting more into shape when I'm not distracted by the amazing humans working out next to me. Often I fantasize about going home with one of the hottest ones and having sticky, sexy fun knowing we both need a shower afterwards. One time recently I was at the gym, I was called into the office because my keyfob needed to be replaced. You know, the little black piece of plastic that you touch to the reader by the door to open it after hours? The new one they gave me was a little different, it had a deep red colour to it, and an imprint of interlocked male and female symbols. I used it for the gym for the next few weeks, and noticed a few others with the new keyfob. Then, there was this time very late at night, I was on the rowing machine and saw another gym member touch their keyfob to the exposed upper arm of this muscular person on the weight bench. I think there was a small tone, and a soft little light lit up on their deltoid. The two people both exchanged glances and went towards the shower rooms. I think they went into the same room... A while later one, then the other came out again. They looked really... satisfied... I wonder if my keyfob would do the same thing late some night... Only one way to find out...