Sea Sex Play

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fritzi

Last summer was extremely hot for me. My boyfriend and I were playing around with each other, in and around all of our local beaches, or baggerseen, as we call them in Germany.
One morning we went out to a very small beach and searched for a calm place to go swimming. We were both naked and touching each other in the water, moving playfully and excitedly. Then he sat down behind me on our mat and started touching my ass and my pussy with his fast, sensitive pianist fingers. After that I was so wet, we searched for two trees where we could hang our hammock and enjoy deep, intense sex. Suddenly I realised that there were other people nearby, who we didn't really want as an audience. At first I was a little bit nervous, but soon the thrill of getting caught in the act enhanced my mood even more and we both had very long, deep orgasms, trying not to move and make the hammock swing too much. A very hot summer indeed.