A Sexual Fantasy

— By G Frank

As an American in Europe, nudity and sex are always topics of culture clash. My friend invited me to a gym where I knew clothing-optional areas existed. Only after we had finished working up a sweat did she tell me that she had reserved a sauna for us. I knew this was a test, so I took a little longer in the locker room to let her settle first. Without making eye contact, I walked in and unwrapped my towel, letting her know revealing myself was not something I would shy away from. As I walked past, I caught her glance up at me as I put my towel down on the bench above her. My muscles were melting into deeper and deeper relaxation when I felt her hand float up to mine. Slowly, she pulled it down between her breasts, where I could feel her strong, steady heartbeat. She guided my hand down, and it glided effortlessly over the beads of sweat across her hot, glistening body. I felt her wetness change as my fingers reached her lips and were fully engulfed, sinking into her. I teased and massaged her, tickling and stroking as her hips pushed hard against my hand, rolling and grinding to find just the spot to release her moaning. When she couldn’t handle it anymore, she sat up, running her tongue along my body until she took me in her mouth. Knowing good sauna etiquette, she worked me until I came in her mouth. What she didn’t expect was the pleasant surprise of me staying hard as she continued to suck and stroke. She stood up and turned around, pulling me into her as she reached between her legs to maximize her own pleasure. I thrust rhythmically as she came again. With a wry smile, she led me out of the sauna to the open showers and finished our day at the gym.