A satisfying train ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Adela Urygova

Once I had to take a train from Budapest back to Prague. Because of bad weather I had to wait a lot in the train station and the train stopped a lot and was very slow so it took a long time and I was very bored just watching snow fall through the window. There were no people sitting next to me on the train, so I masturbated. I rubbed my pussy and butt hole over my jeans using just my hand and fingers and after some time I felt very excited and wet. After I relaxed and slept a little, I heard the voice through the speaker saying that we arrived in Prague station. I looked down at my crotch and I had wet stains on my jeans but I was lucky to wear a winter coat so I just covered it with it and by time I arrived home it was all dry. I took a hot shower, went to bed naked and masturbated again with my favourite dildo before I fell asleep like a baby.